Default Level isnt setting correctly with blue 2+1 on HA with ZHA

Using the Blue Switch in HA with ZHA firmware 2.07, I cant find a way to set the setting of “Default Level Local” or “Default Level Remote” via the configuration tab of the switch or via an action in an automation. Its like the setting is missing.

I can find the setting via a cluster command, but that wont work for automation.

Is everyone else having this same problem?

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I don’t think we had that available in prior versions of firmware either? Should be able to try and get it added in HA though.

In the meantime you should be able to use the cluster command via automation, you’d just have to do call service > ZHA issue zigbee cluster command.

I dug through the ZHA commits that added the configuration parameters the other day and it looked to me like some parameters, including these, were just missed when the others were added. They will need to be added to ZHA. Right now this is expected and you can set the default level directly through a cluster write like you already found.

FYI @dmulcahey

Specifically, this was the commit that added the other config parameters: Add configuration entities and device actions for Inovelli Blue Serie… · home-assistant/[email protected] · GitHub

The default level parameters (0xD, 0xE) and potentially others (I didn’t search for others missing) need to be added to homeassistant/components/zha/ similar to the other parameters added in that commit.

These were intentionally omitted until I have time to see how this interacts with standard ZCL onlevel attribute on the level control cluster. One of these duplicates that and I need to figure out how to deal with it cleanly.

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Do you have an example of the cluster command you are able to set this with? I can do it with the cluster commands in the “Manage Zigbee Device” but I don’t quite know how to set it with the Call Service > ZHA issue cluster command.

Just a bit confused on the values I should be entering into the command for cluster IDs and all that.

PS, would really love for this value to be exposed when you get around to it dmulcahey

I was able to figure this out, I’m using Node-Red, but you can still Call Service Zigbee Home Automation: Set zigbee cluster attribute for the cluster command. My write-up below shows how to use it with a Service that can be run in a HA automation + in Node Red for my full setup