Default Level on Red Series Dimmers

On the first gen dimmers, you can set parameter 8 to a value (say 99) and no matter if the light is off, or dimmed, it will go to level 99 when tapped up. This is helpful for when say I have it dimmed way down, and I just want it to go to full brightness, I just tap up and it immediately goes to full brightness.

On the new Red Series switches, this parameter is stated as 9 in the manual, but I cannot get the same functionality out of it. If I set this parameter, and the switch is off, it will go the the desired value (99 in this case) regardless of whatever it was dimmed to prior, but if it’s already on, and dimmed to something like 40%, tapping up does nothing.

Is there any way to accomplish this without having to create a scene for it?

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Anybody? I would love to be able to get this working without creating 14 different scenes :frowning:

I think you are seeing the expected behavior on the new switches - it is the level to set from an off transition.
Not on to on. I think you will need to use scenes to do what you want.

My plan is to have double tap go to full brightness.

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Bumping this thread back to life…

I have the same goal. A double tap (or really just about any specific “gesture” or tap count) to go to full brightness. I’m in a Hubitat home. It would be a crazy number of scenes/rules to achieve this seemingly simple task with each costing network traffic and/or being impacted by lag.

Any thoughts or ideas? Perhaps this is something achievable in the driver and a firmware update is not required?

— Richard

I feel that would take away people who utilize double taps for something else and thus remove a “scene” from the Inovelli count of available scenes… One could assoicate double tap to full brightness through rule machine. I would also recommend instead of using double tap, use the config button (1x) to go full brightness. It’s not much message traffic. I can’t imagine 10 different people at the same time attempting to double tap the lights.

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I agree that it would take away from the available scene capability. I would not propose this as a default but as a configurable option. The config button is a very good compromise but for many people they only look at the dimmer paddle and think to try that first.

Perhaps as also suggested in this thread is another dimmer default level? So if the dimmer already is on, at any non-zero level, pressing the top of the paddle would send the dimmer up to some higher “high default” level? I could see numerous use cases for such a feature. Again I would not at all propose anything like this as a default but as a configurable feature. Again I do understand fully that this can be achieved in RM but to have it built into the driver given that it is something happening only when physically interactive with the device declutters the rules (while perhaps reducing lag).

– Richard

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@rpulivella - I like both of your approaches, specifically if the dimmer is on, then go to 99% on. People would just have to understand that they need to wait for the light to come one before they press it again; otherwise it would be recognized as a double tap.

It may be doable in the config for the V2 of these switches. There should be more room in the memory to program some of the advanced features.


Sorry to bring up this old thread again. But I just purchased my first Red series Dimmer, Gen 2 and I’m struggling to wrap my head around this functionality also. The dimmer works great in all other regards. But on every other dimmer I have ever tried, regardless of where the dim level is, a single press on the UP paddle should bring the level to 100%. On this dimmer, if the dim level is anything other than off, a single press up does nothing. I also don’t see the UP press in Home Assistant. I do see it in HA if the dimmer is OFF first. Without this, It doesn’t pass the wife and kids test. Can anyone help me out on the easiest way to accomplish this? Thanks

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Are you saying you are not seeing a scene event for a “button 1 pushed” in your logs when a push up occurs?

The scene event should always be fired for sure, regardless of state.

@kreene1987 that’s correct. If the switch is off and I press UP once, I get the scene 002 KeyPressed Event. If the switch is ON and I press DOWN once, I get the scene 001 event. But if the dimmer is on to some level other than full and I press UP, I get no event. But ideally, I’d like to accomplish this without having to do a special scene for each dimmer.

Interesting. I’ll have to test this on my end as well.

Wouldn’t mind a firmware update for this for sure. Seems like a pretty easy update, but what do I know lol.

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Ran out of room implementing SBM and configurable trigger times…

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It appears to work for me on Hubitat. I know you said you are using Home Assistant, so maybe its an HA driver issue?

Light is on at 50% and I tap up on the paddle switch. The dimming level does not change to the Default Level setting (a limitation we already know). But I do get the Button 1 Pushed and Scene 2 event every time I click .

2021-04-28 03:51:53.029 pm Button 1 was pushed
2021-04-28 03:51:53.025 pm CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:0, sceneNumber:2, sequenceNumber:22)

I take it back. I am able to see the button event every time now. I guess that will have to be my workaround. Wish this could be fixed in the dimmer itself.

Yep, scene control and automation is probably the best route for now!

Instead of having to use the double tap to get to 100%, using Hubitat I just created a basic button rule that a 1 push “fades” my light to 100% with 0 fade time.

I agree with everybody else though that I wish the default setting would work even if it was already on.

So I see it has been 7 months seen we were on this thread. I haven’t been able to do any firmware updates since then (which is a different story), so I don’t know if seemingly everyone’s desire for a 1 pushed to go to the default level, even if the light is already on, has been implemented. I am aware that there was a response about running out of room to do this, but since it such a popular request I was wondering if it has been, or will be, “restored” somehow. (I say “restored” as I understand that is how it worked on the gen 1 dimmer).

Has not, and likely won’t be until a bit of an impasse with the z-wave manufacturer has been resolved.

Inovelli can speak more to this directly, but essentially the manufacturer is holding updates hostage for repayment even though they can’t produce more product right now (massive z-wave chip lead times).

The blue series (zigbee) should have this feature since it is an outstanding request on the red side.

I just realized first post says parameter 8 on 1st gen dimmers but I don’t see anything about parameter 8 existing on 1st gen dimmers.

I’ve never used the default levels, but it seems to make sense to have it be a default level the dimmer transitions too if the paddle is tapped up 1-time regardless if the dimmer is on or off. It works for off to on so just make it also work when already on.

As just mentioned, the relationship with the manufacturer is rather broken right now. It’s possible new updates just never happen. There are some manufacturers that are managing to get zwave chips, not sure how or why.

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I understand Inovelli may have felt they had no choice when they entered into the original agreement, in which they did not control the software, but this is a glaring consequence of that.