Desperately need fan switches. Willing to pay top dollar or trade for red dimmers or bulbs :)

Sounds funny and probably is, but I am also dead serious.

For four of then, I’ll name my first born son after you.


Oof. I hope Hubert (see below) has four available.

Is Inovelli OOS?

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I thought they removed them from the store until they figure out the disconnection issue?

Amazon has them from a 3rd party seller but they cost $30 more than normal

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Oh, thanks. Gotta look into that issue. Never heard about it. Do you have a link by any chance?

Update: Found it.

As an alternative, you can use the central scene feature of the red series dimmer to do the same thing.

I use separate power for lights and fan. Fan as constant power and light is controlled by dimmer.

Switch On - turn on light
Switch Off - turn off light
Hold Up - dim up
Hold down - dim down

Double Tap up - increase fan speed
Double Tap down - decrease fan speed

My speed intervals are:

I use a Bond RF transmitter and a generic RF fan controller module.
This allows me to control the fan manually by remote if the integration is acting up. It works well for me. Since my integration is via Hubitat, I only have issues if the Hub is down, since I don’t need internet for Bond and Hubitat to work with each other.

I have other variations on this configuration (rules) based on if the light is traditional or smart dimmable/color changing.

I use this with hue color lights in master bedroom, with GE dimmable zigbee bulb in office, and with dimmer driven ceiling fan traditional dimmable led in guest room.

I have not yet installed my fan in the gym, so it still works like a standard dimmer, but when I do it will end up like the guest room. Only the fan will be a wall mounted fan that moves high volume of air and integrated using a smart plug.

This enable them all to look and behave exactly the same, even though they are all completely different solutions.

I also setup alerts on the color bars so when you change the fan speed (through app or otherwise) the dimmer will do different things with the led bar to alert us of the current fan mode.

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I have an unused one available.

I had two fans, but they were wired together, so wound up needing only 1 switch.

I just installed new RF controlled fans and have 2 fan switches available. Also have 1 red series dimmer and 1 red series on/off. PM me this week if you want before I list them on E-Bay.

Hi all,

thank you very much! Through the help of this great forum, I have managed to purchase all the fan switches I needed.