Diagnosing 3way/4way switch problems

Just finished having electrician install my inovelli blue switches, some in single pole, and some in 3 way or 4 way setups. All the single pole switches work fine, but in the 3 way and 4 way setups, only one of the switches is working. The electrician assured me they were wired and that they just needed to be programmed (and the manual does say that). So, today I started pairing some of them and also set them to multi way toggle mode. ZHA reports the switch type as “three way dumb”. But still, only one of the 3-way inovelli switches does anything.

Is there a good way for me to diagnose if the problem is the wiring vs something wrong with the configuration?

I figured out the issue. Rather than deleting my post, I’ll leave it up for others. I misunderstood how it worked in 3 way mode and thought that the switches sent a signal over the electrical lines to the other switches in the 3 way configuration. I see now that they have to be bound together to work and that the other switches in the 3/4 way setups work over zigbee rather than over the electrical lines.

That depends upon your configuration. Are you using Inovellis in BOTH places for the 3-ways and in ALL places for the 4-ways? If that is the case, then yes, you’ll need to bind the switches. However, if you are only using the Inovelli at the PRIMARY location with dumb or Aux switches at the ancillary locations, then the switches do communicate over the conductors and you will use the switch settings to configure.

The wiring configurations for these two configurations are different, so presumably the electrician wired for the proper one.

Yes, I’m using inovelli blue 2-1s in both places for 3 ways and all places for 4 ways (we only have a couple spots where this is the case). It seems it was wired correctly and I just assumed incorrectly that the smart switches communicated together the same way as the dumb and aux switches