Diagram for a 3-way, non-neutral Red Dimmer install with Aux switch?

Is there any chance there is a wiring diagram for a 3-way setup with the Red dimmer and an Aux switch that has line and load in separate boxes?

I seem to have an old house that truly just wants to mess with me. Can’t for the life of me figure it out but the line power definitely comes in at one box but the load is not in the same box, it is in the other box. Is there any way I can set up the red dimmer and an aux switch to work with this setup? There are similar versions in the diagram references but not for non-neutral unfortunately for me!

Can you explain or better yet draw out what you have? A non-neutral and line and load in separate boxes are contradictory. The reason I’m saying that is because in a non-neutral, the hot comes from the light and goes back switched (without a neutral) to the light it came from. So in that context, line and load in separate boxes doesn’t make sense. (This is presuming you have Romex.)

There can be some weird variations if you have individual conductors like THHN in conduit, so provide some more details and an explanation of how you determined what you’re explaining and we’ll give it a shot.

Sorry - good point, hard to ask for help without more detail!

I tried a super rough drawing that I hope helps. Essentially, while trying to get a read on the circuit I have been able to get the light on only by either connecting #1 to what appears to be a traveler #2 or to traveler #3, then in box 2 connecting that same line to what I believe would be the load. The circuit is only appearing to be complete when wire #2 or #3 are providing a direct path for the two on either end.

If I’m thinking of it correctly it appears to be just a longer non-neutral setup across two boxes. This is cloth wiring also which, between this issue and the fact that some of it isn’t in the best shape, is making me consider replacing it as it was before and closing it up/never touching it again haha.

I did try the wiring setup at the link below, but did not find any success. The dimmer switch would be on, ramp up the light slowly, then click off.

Thanks. I’m beginning to suspect that you may have knob and tube wiring. Do you know what that is and can you confirm?

If you are not familiar, it was used in the US through the 40s. You mentioned old house, fragile wiring and cloth insulation.

If you do have knob and tube, you drawing makes sense.