Dimmer doesn’t turn light all the way off

Wondering if I have a defective switch.

One of my red series v2 dimmers won’t turn the bathroom led lights all the way off. It’s light there is a small amount of power leakage. The light doesn’t flicker , it’s just really low.

The switch seems to function ok, I can use the slider on smartthings and move it from 0-100% and it works. It just doesn’t turn completely off.

I have installed about 20 of these in the past few weeks and this is the only one that I’m seeing this behavior.


@nomearelti resolved the same problem after swapping the line and load on the Inovelli.

Don’t know if you have a neutral or non-neutral config, but double-check those connections. His solution is in post 15.

I have this issue with my bedroom light switch which uses 3 e12 candle style LED bulbs. i did a direct swap from a GE switch to the inovelli and when i turn the lights off it’s barely on with the LED’s in place. if i swap out to a incandescent style bulb i have no issues. my 3 led bulbs pull about ~18watts IIRC. I have a neutral in place both before and currently. I was going to buy a set that would bring me above the 25w barrier, but i’m still surprised that this is even an issue when a neutral is involved especially since my GE switched worked fine.