Dimmer intermittently seems to be unpowered

I put an Inovelli red series dimmer in my hallway, along with an Aeotec bypass so that it would work with my integrated LED fixture. (No Neutral to dimmer. Not a 3-way config) It’s been working great for a few weeks now, but the other day I noticed an issue when the light didn’t turn on as expected (based on motion sensors.) I tried turning it on using the dimmer switch, and when it didn’t work I noticed that the LED strip on the dimmer was not on. I thought maybe the dimmer had gotten into a bad state somehow, so I pulled the air gap switch out for a few seconds to reset it, but the switch still didn’t come on.
At that point, I moved on with what I was doing previously and planned to come back to it later. When I came back in view of the hallway again about 20 minutes later, the hall light was turned on and the switch working normally.
A day or two later, I found the light and switch both dark again, but once again I was in the middle of something and didn’t have time to troubleshoot at the moment. Later that day, the light and switch were working normally.
Has anyone else seen anything like this? What could cause this sort of behavior?

My first thought is to check all the connections. Especially those change when installing the RED.
Sometimes with the “wire through the hole and tighten the screw” the wire can be in the wrong position and seems to be connected and isn’t.