Dimmer Parameters

I was wondering if the dimmers had defaults set at the factory. I had about 15 switches installed and they seem to be slightly different in some cases.

One of them: You push and hold the bottom toggle. Nothing happens for about half a second then it goes completely off. Which parameter do I change for this?


As linked to above, this is likely a result of parameter 1. I haven’t found a case where this wasn’t preset to the default, but firmware updates may require you to set new parameters to some value. Can’t hurt to do it regardless.

But it could be something else: are these two dimmers controlling the exact same model and number of bulbs? It could be just that they respond differently. Particularly with LED bulbs, different brands/models may behave differently. There is a thread here where people note compatibility failures or successes. You may also just need to adjust the min (or max) levels, another pair of parameters you’ll see in the manual above. If your bulbs turn off below a certain level, for example, you might as well cut that out of the picture so dimming works as expected.

Thanks. Setting parameter 1 gave me the result I was looking for. I’m enjoying using these switches.

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