Dimmer Switch 3-Way Issues

Hi, I’m having the same or similar 3 Way issues.
I have a Red Gen2 Dimmer installed with the neutral, and a dumb 3 way switch. The system only works with the dumb switch in UP position. What’s further puzzling is it seems the dimmer knows when I’m flipping the dumb switch up/down as indicated by it’s LED, however is unable to actually turn the lights on/off appropriately. Yes I have modified parameters 21 and 22 to “1”, and I’m using old fashioned incandescent for testing purposes.

Is there a simple straightforward explanation for this behavior?


If I use a GE Add On switch instead of the “dumb” 3 way does that pretty much solve the issue? Is the main problem getting this switch to work with universal dumb 3 way switches? Please let me know if that’s the case because for 20 bucks it seems like an easy decision.

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Does the LED turn on/off as you toggle the dumb switch? It seems that the toggle may switch may be toggling the power to the Invovelli? If that’s this case, it may be a wiring issue. Are you confident the wiring is correct?

You can also try resetting the 21 and 22 parameters even though you have them set correctly. Change each at the switch to an incorrect parameter and save. Then put them back to the proper settings.

And there have been reports that using an Aux instead of a dumb switch resolved issues.

Yes, the smart switch seems to know what state the dumb switch is in as evident by LED light.

I will try setting the parameters again, but this is the second LZW31-SN I’ve installed at this location with same result. I have a few more I can try but I doubt that would help :wink:

@wogfun - I had a similar issue when I first installed the switches using dumb switches (use Aux switches now). It was because I didn’t configure them for 3-way toggle. As soon as I made the parameter change from Hubitat (not locally) it fixed my 3-way issues for all my dimmers. Not saying you didn’t configure it or configure it correctly, but I know there were some issues from doing it locally.

Moved this to a new thread bc the prior thread was referencing the On/Off switch.