Dimmer Switch (Red Series) | Project Lights Out (v2.0)

Here’s a minor one: when you turn on the “Invert Switch” setting, it should invert the direction the LEDS light up when the dimmer ramping is occurring. It looks a little odd to have the LEDS slowing climbing down the switch when you’ve chosen to install the switch upside-down…

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Agree. I just did my first Inovelli/Ilumin smart switch/smart bulb installation and while my WAF has been ok to date this one is pushing her over the edge, because the lights lag the switch so she holds it down until she is happy but the lights continue to dim beyond her preference. I swapped out from ilumin bulbs to standard dumb LED’s and returned the dimmer to normal function until this is made available.

Being able to have the relay disabled (full voltage) and showing controlled dimming level to smart bulbs seems like one of the most basic features of such an installation that is completely Inovelli/Ilumin. I really hope we see an update to this.

@kreene1987 If there’s a lag when controlling the lights from the switch it sounds like you’re using a hub to process the change instead of using direct z-wave association.

The easy fix for this is to wire the line and load together so the bulbs always have power, setup z-wave association and leave the relay enabled. You’ll get near instant response from the bulbs and the LED functions as normal.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about sending a z-wave command to the switch and cutting power to the bulbs since the relay only disables the physical press of the button not a zwave command.

The lag is “perceived” while dimming. On/off are instant, and I have confirmed that z-wave association is in use.

Is hard wiring lighting allowable per NEC? Assuming so, wouldn’t I then lose energy monitoring? Trading one feature for another isn’t necessarily ideal.

Nonetheless, thanks for the recommendation. Might be a better temporary solution but is not a complete answer, considering if a bulb gets messed up or isn’t reporting it’s a breaker flip or light removal. Some of mine are 15+ ft in the air and on shared circuits that reset clocks, etc.

I still believe this should be a basic featureset of the switch OOTB.

Did you do your association in groups 2 and 4? I’m assuming so if you’re using association and it is actually dimming. For me the dimming is as instant as the on/off.

Yes you do lose power reporting but it would improve your WAF rating so I think that’d be a good trade-off. I agree it’s not a complete answer, but until there’s a firmware update ready I think it’s the best option at the moment.

The switches also have an air gap switch on them, so if you need to reset something you don’t have to flip a breaker you can just pull the air gap switch out then push it back in. It’s very convenient. But if you do want to remove the smart bulbs and go back to standard LED, you’d need to pull the switch and move the load wire back up to the load terminal. A bit of a hassle, but should still only take a few minutes to do.

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I would love the ability to change the delay for double-tap, or disable it altogether. There are many places I just want a regular light switch, so shortening the delay, or disabling the double-tap altogether would have the light respond more quickly…