Dimmer switches need an easy "wife mode"

My wife complains about using Innovelli dimmer switches.

I have installed about 25 of them throughout my house since January.

She complains that they don’t obey occasionaly when she wants to turn off a light. Sometimes there is a delay and it won’t turn off immediately. And then she will push it several times to try to turn it off.

Im Pretty sure she is either holding down paddle down and kicking off a dinner function or she’s pushing the paddle a couple times which triggers events and other unintended effects.

I don’t really like defending all my smart switch configuration to her over and over again.

My suggestion is a setting called spouse mode where all the extra event triggers are turned off and essentially make the switch as dumb as possible.

I don’t really use any advanced features on the vast majority of my lights.

maybe there is a manual configuration I missing to make the switches easy dumb.


Good suggestion, and definitely all switches don’t have to be scene ready. I think this was just suggested a couple of weeks ago and Eric responded that they are working on firmware right now to address this feature.

Hope that helps!


I missed this when I was searching…

EXACTLY what that person was saying…

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