Dimming 12V LED strip/tape lights


I’ve got some dimmable 12V LED strip lights for over-cabinet lighting, currently driven by a Lutron Sunnata Pro wall-box dimmer. The transformer is one of these hard-wired to the Lutron dimmer. It dims perfectly today, but I’d rather use an Inovelli dimmer for consistent look and feel with my other switches (and for network control).

I read that the Blue Series is not listed for anything but standard light fixtures. Presumably that excludes my situation (a transformer). I’d like to stay code-compliant.

Right now the best I can think of is to hard-wire the transformer always-on, wire up an Inovelli switch with no load, and use scene control to have it control a low-voltage dimmer like one of these which is downstream of the transformer. In this case, the transformer itself is never dimmed; only the low voltage downstream of it.

Any other ideas?

Does anyone know whether the Red Series (either old or new) would be listed for driving a dimmable transformer like the one I’m using? That would still seem like the cleanest solution if it’s available.


The specs for your dimmer indicate that it should be compatible:

Standard MLV/Incandescent TRIAC (Leading Edge) Dimmer

The blue supports leading edge dimming. I would expect this to just work if you swap out the current dimmer controlling it. I have something similar wirh an older red and it works just fine.

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If I were looking to control strips via a switch, I’d do it like this…

Swap out that power supply with a constant 12v power supply. Or as you mentioned hard-wire that one to always on.

Use a zigbee LED controller on the data line of the LED strips. Top of mind are Glendopto or BTF-Lighting controllers.

After that use Zigbee binding to a Blue Series switch. This will give you on/off control as well as smooth diming through the switch. Then you can configure the multi-tap to trigger scenes to change the strip’s colours.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the responses. Sounds like using a Zigbee low-voltage dimmer would be even better than the one I pointed out (which was Z-Wave), because the Zigbee dimmer could be paired with the Blue switch.