Dimming Philips Hue on Hubitat with Bridge

I have a whole mess of LZW31-SN Red Series dimmers configured on smart bulb mode. They’re associated with my Hubitat hub, which uses the Hue Bridge integration to control Hue RGB bulbs. I have them basically working with the on/off toggle functionality I want and a handful of scenes on multi-tap.

What I want now is for the dimmer buttons to work. I want them to work more or less like a dumb dimmer, preserving the colors, color temperature, and on/off state of the bulbs, but adjusting their brightness up and down when the dimmer buttons are pressed (and, for extra credit, when they are held).

What’s the easiest, least toilsome way to accomlish this today?

I’d use Button Controller in Hubitat. You can leverage the Hold and Release button options to Start Raising, Start Lowering, and Stop Changing for managing the paddle-based dimming.

In this case, assuming the Reds are currently configured as switches (not dimmers), I’m pretty sure you’d just leave them set as switches, since these hold/release commands aren’t dimming in the usual sense. But I don’t have this particular kind of setup myself, so I’m not 100% certain.

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