Direct association from Zooz ZEN32 to LZW42 RGB bulb

I have an assortment of Inovelli and Zooz switches, and generally the direct association stuff works great.

However, I’m having trouble associating the dimmer portion of a Zooz double switch (ZEN32) to an Inovelli LZW42 bulb. I’m using Home Assistant with the Z-Wave plugin and the Z-Wave JS2MQTT add-on.

I included the ZEN30 without security, so that it matches the security profile of the bulb.

I created a group association from the “Dimmer Status” group of the ZEN32 to the bulb.

And lastly, I enabled Smart Bulb mode for the switch (although I’ve tested in all 3 settings and get same results for each)

The switch fails to have any control over the bulb.

I have another Zooz switch (a scene controller) that uses direct association to control a Red series switch, and that works fine, so I’m hoping its not a brand incompatibility.

Any suggestions?

Do you see the scene events happening on the ZJS2M panel and/or HA events?