Disable internal relay of Dimmers - Red Series LZW31-SN

I got a set of 4 dimmers and 2 bulbs, and would like to enable the “Enable smart bulb mode to keep constant power to you smart light”, as advertised with the product. So I am looking for instructions on how to disable the internal relay so I can use the switches with the smart bulbs. I do not want to hack the electrical setup and hard-wire line to load.
I am unable to find the steps to disable internal relay for the dimmers instructions for on/off switches are well documented). I hope that is something obvious I am missing, as I have seen few others mentioning they disabled internal relay specifically for dimmers.

What hub/controller are using? The SmartThings DTH and Hubitat driver both have an option on the device page that will let you disable the relay/dimmer (“Disable local control”) via a preference on that page.

If you’re not using one of those hubs or prefer to do it this way for any reason, you can also change this setting physically on the device. Tapping the config button 8 times will toggle the relay on/off (if the LED flashes green when you’re done, it just got enabled; if it flashes red, it just got disabled). This is mentioned in the manual, and this process is the same as it is for the switches that you’ve seen mentioned as well.

Duh, that’s what I was missing, Disable Local Control. And when I initially tried 8x on a dimmer it did not worked at the time so, I assumed it was not supposed to. Thanks!

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I have a question, if you (“Disable local control”), can you still use the switch?

For example. My switch on the wall controls a power outlet. I want to disable the internal relay so the outlet is always on but still use the paddle to turn on and off a zwave controller light and have it not physical switch the internal relay on and off

Can this be done?

Are you using a Red or Black series switch? Red series will still send scene triggers.

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