Do any of the LZW36 beta firmware versions support modes or percentages?

With release CORE 2022.4 HomeAssistant is no longer supporting the fan.set_speed service call. I currently have my fan/light switches on 1.34 and have no way to set fan speed. Do any of the newer versions support either? If not, is there a plan to do so?

I am using Hubitat to control the switches along with the custom Hubitat integration into HomeAssistant for automation and dashboards.

This is a driver/HA issue not an inovelli/firmware issue.

Set percentage should work (1 (breeze), 33, 66, 99), is it giving you an error?

The device driver is up-to-date in HE but I am still getting the service error in HA when using set_percentage. Perhaps the issue is with the custom HA integration.

I think you might be into something. I’d recommend posting an issue in the integration GitHub.

There’s a breaking change in Z-Wave-JS for breeze mode in 2022.4:

The breaking change states breeze is available through a preset. I usually don’t update until .3 or so… has anybody tried low, med, high presets as well? It may be as simple as changing the service called to fan.set_preset_mode and continue to use breeze, low, med, high

It appears that they have only implemented breeze as a preset_mode in 2022.4.0. Breeze does work in the Developer Tools test thingy, but is rejected low, medium, off, and null when I tried to send them:

Hopefully they will add the others as presets in upcoming releases…