Documentation feedback

Hi, I’m a new user and I love these switches! What a great product.

My feedback is on instructions for setting up the device handlers for SmartThings. I have two different types of Inovelli switches, Black Dimmers and Red on/off. When I first setup the switches there was only one device handler documented (in the documentation I found anyway), that was for a Red Dimmer Switch. I made the assumption that this device handler would work for all my switches. And it did, kind of, but not really. I ended up spending lots of time trying to get buttons and notifications working. Long story short, I finally found the device handlers for the Black Dimmer ( and the Red On/Off( and everything works awesome!

It would be nice to have this detail front and center for these other switches. By the way, I would have bought Red dimmers but none were available. They must be popular!

Thank you ,


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Hey Brian,

Thanks for the feedback, we’re always trying to improve, so this is super helpful!

Quick question for you – from a user experience standpoint, where did you go initially to find the instructions (ie: Google,, SmartThings, etc)?