Does Fan+Light, LZW36 Res Series, Factory Reset require re-pairing canopy module?

I have 5 of the Fan+Light switches, and despite them being 700 series chips I rarely got them to connect directly to my Hubitat C-7 hub. (Sometimes they would, sometimes they wouldn’t. Sometimes at 100 or 40 but most often at 9.6 with multiple jumps).

I now have the new Hubitat C-8 and I’m considering doing an exclude, factory reset, include to try to get them to start fresh. If I do that will I have to re-pair the switch to the canopy? It’s been a good few years since I installed them and I remember it was a bit of a pain getting a couple of them to pair to the canopy module.

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It is likely a switch factory reset would require a re-pairing to the fan module, but it is REALLY easy.

I’m pretty sure that I just did a Z-Wave exclude and include when I moved my LZW36’s from Hubitat to Home Assistant last year. No factory reset or canopy re-pair needed…

“but it is REALLY easy”

Should be, but I remember it wasn’t for some of them that took multiple, multiple tries. Just like updating switch firmware should be easy, but I haven’t been able to do most of my Red Dimmers for a couple of years now as it just doesn’t finish them. I’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the info though.