Does scene control work with an Enbrighten add-on switch?

Red series dimmer with Enbrighten add-on 46199 in a 3-way. SmartThings hub. I can turn on/off from the add-on but don’t appear to be able to control scenes (no response to button push). Reading around it seems like this is not possible but there may be a firmware update to allow button-1 push. What’s the status please?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be added ever (scene control from Aux Switch) for the current generation switches.

Shame. I bought the add-on because I thought I understood it mirrored the button pushes of the smart switch (and that it was cheaper). I now know better I just wish the information about what you can and cannot do with an add-on had been clearer to me.


Strange. Why bother with a smart add-on then? Just use a $1 dumb switch. Smart add-ons in any other environment mimic actions on the primary.

1 - You can’t brighten/dim with a dumb switch
2 - Dumb switches can’t be used with a non-neutral configured dimmer

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Add me to the group a little disappointed that add-on switches won’t mirror the central scene multi-presses of the Inovelli switches. Bought my 8 Inovelli Red dimmers at end of 2019, just trying to get them installed in new house reno. Going to end up using Jasco’s for all the three ways, mix in Inovelli’s to have notifications where don’t need the three ways. Doesn’t seem like it’d be all that much code to add, but alas not a software/Z-wave engineer.