Doorbell Switches and Chime Module

I would love to see a doorbell switch that is:

  1. battery powered
  2. stand alone (does not require pairing to a specific smart chime, alarm, or speaker)
  3. weatherproof and outdoor rated
  4. sends press/release signals to smart hub and other devices (if in direct association)
  5. RGB LED locator light
  6. dusk to dawn sensor to turn locator light on/off (helping preserve battery life)
  7. status reporting for battery life, light level, etc
  8. manual parameter configuration for dusk to dawn sensitivity, led color, led on/off/auto, etc
  9. possibly alternatively powered via pre-existing low voltage wiring (with battery acting as a backup)

And a chime module that:

  1. can be added to an existing hardwired chime to activate based on signal from smart hub, not the switch itself (unless in direct association)
  2. send a signal to smart hub when a hardwired switch is pressed
  3. support for at least 2 separate hardwired switches
  4. status reporting for which hardwired switch was pressed
  5. act as an interrupt between hardwired switches and chimes allowing a programmable “do not disturb” mode that would effectively disable a hardwired chime during the time specified (great for shift workers trying to sleep when the mailman comes)

Having these available in single switch, single module, or switch/module bundles would allow a mix and match approach to your personal tastes or situation.

For my application, this would be a partial retrofit of 3 existing doorbell switches. Having a module that can be added to my existing hardwired chime would be awesome. This would let me keep the old tubular chimes that I love, while also giving me the flexibility to add the chime, alarm, or speaker of my choice in a remote place like my shop or greenhouse.

I have looked over many of the doorbell cameras out there. They all seem to be feature packed and provide several of the functions listed above. Since I already have cameras and motion sensors in my setup, yet another camera for their price point is redundant.

There is a replacement chime and switch set available without a camera. However, the switches are proprietary and only communicate with that brand’s chime or alarm.

There are many forums that have discussed ideas in this ballpark. Most have offered DIY options to address this demand. Sadly, none of them offer a solution with an acceptable “finished look” and enough features to make it viable for my use.

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+1 I would love to see an Inovelli Doorbell and Chime/Siren!

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