Dual On/Off Switch

These would be great for bathrooms where we have a dual or triple (single gang) swich and only need on/off. For lights and exhaust fan.

Some people in my family dont like to remember to use the fan and would be nice if I could just tell Alexa to turn it on instead of banging on the door.

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They are definitely looking into a product like this after the launches settle down. I would love dual dimmers!!

They have a fan / light combo on their roadmap right now. Likely near the end of the year.


I love it – yes, this needs to happen. I’ll likely call this project, “Project Neminat” (not joking) as he is the brains behind this!

As @neminat mentioned, I’ll be kicking this off once the dimmers launch as I can barely breathe until those things get out the door haha.


Ditto Dual dimmer would be groundbreaking as no one has such a product in zwave


@Eric_Inovelli does this project still fall on your 2020 roadmap? Any updates / thoughts around a dual light single gang device like this?

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Any update on these?

im really sad to see Inovelli go quite silent on new releases. We had a lot of energy around what may be coming in the future and all of it went silent late last year as the dimmers got off the ground.

What is the status on devices like this? Still on the roadmap? Any date at all? Off the roadmap? Replaced by other initiatives?

All of that is perfectly fine, I just want to know whats coming and what is not.

I know its on the list, but they are focused on a few others they are working on such as:
Fan/Light Switch (2 in single unit)
Fan Switch (Fan switch only)
RGBW LED Lightstrips

That is their main focus right now, once these launch they will be working on others. If they are silent its because they are working hard to get these launched. But from my talk with them at CES yes the Dual on.Off (or dimmers) are coming once these others have launched. they will also be looking into a triple on/off switch(They are not sure if they can but will look into it)

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay here – had some internal turnover, which caused me to be out of commission in the forums, but I should be back now that I’ve taken on a finance role (puke… I’m a marketing guy) and figured things out there.

Anyway, I’ve published our 2020 Roadmap which has the innovation we have planned.

@neminat – sorry to have let you down my man. We tried with the dual switch, but unfortunately fell short due to a few reasons. The main reason being internal capital to make this happen. From a priority standpoint, we wanted to put out the Fan/Light switch and Remote switch prior to the dual switch. Unfortunately, every new innovation costs us around $80-100k to produce (UL fees, FCC/IC fees, Z-Wave fees, tooling, etc) so we have to pick and choose. Luckily the manufacturer had some white-label (already produced) switches that have been requested (motion switch, 4-button switch) so we didn’t have to spend the extra money on tooling/ul/fcc, etc.

If everything goes well, I do want to do a dual switch using the profits we receive from the current roadmap as I do believe there is an amazing opportunity here. Unfortunately, now we just don’t have the capital to innovate here.

Wish I had better news and sorry for the radio silence – there’s only 7 of us here and with the loss of a couple key members in the first quarter, we’ve all had to pick up slack in other places but the community.

Sorry to hear the issues you guys are having. I want my stuff but understand stuff happens and delays can occur. If we as a community can do anything let us know. Maybe I need to buy some extra dimmers to help out. :yum:

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Thanks for the update. Even though it was not what i hoped for, it is still helpful to understand / support your journey and challanges as a rising tech company. I completely understand the circumstances you are under as a small company.

I hope these new products turn out to be everything you hoped they would be and leads your team to new levels. I will keep my fingers crossed that this comes a reality as you have the best looking and functioning devices in the marketplace. Those Zooz switches are really tempting but they are ugly and lack the functionality Inovelli is becoming known for.