Dumb switch for 3 or 4 way setups?

hi all,

since the inovelli (red series, if not earlier) can use any old dumb 3-way switches, does anyone know if i could swap the dumb switch for one that returns to center when toggled? the ones i have are either up or down, and i’d prefer them to be centered for just a push up for on or down for off like the smart switch is.



Yes, you can they are referred to as “aux” switches in the instructions. Some companies call them “add-on” switches

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thanks for the quick reply! couple more questions then - is that the only solution? i’d prefer not to be spending $15-20 per switch to replace something that costs $3-5.

if there is a requirement for an aux/add-on switch, are there any brand restrictions or do they all work the same? do they have any particular wiring requirements that are different than the dumb switches?

Great question and thanks @Automate for the help!

Yeah, unfortunately if you want this type of switch (one where it’s not up or down), these are the only options available right now.

The ones we’ve tested are GE and HomeSeer. In theory the Honeywell’s should work as they are also manufactured by Jasco (who licenses GE and Honeywell), but we haven’t specifically tested them.

As for the wiring diagrams, here are the pics from the Wiring PDF specifically for aux switches:

thanks eric, that’s too bad, but understandable.

given that info, can you weigh in on my question here - https://community.inovelli.com/t/looking-for-instructions-for-red-series-on-off-always-on-power-to-smart-bulbs/677 - if i can get away with a dumb 3-way switch or if i’m going to need the aux/add-on to make it work the way i want it to?

Yes, they seem to be way over priced considering they have no electronics and just a single contact.

I purchased a ENERWAVE ZW3K-N. Looked to be the cheapest one with Amazon Prime shipping. It seems to be well made but is larger on the back side than I expected for such a simple switch. Takes a good bit of electric box space.

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Is it actually working for you with new inovelli’s dimmers/switches?

Yes, it is working with a new LZW30 black series switch. In general these aux switches are very simple, single contact, momentary switches. Any of these type should work.


Thank you for confirming

@Eric_Inovelli any chance a Leviton In wall dimmer remote can work?

I’m going to say it won’t work. Leviton uses digital circuitry to work between their remotes and smart switches to adjust (dim) and turn on/off lights. https://www.leviton.com/en/docs/Instruction-Sheet_DD0SR-DLZ_English.pdf

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