Edge Case - SBM LED Not Following Manual Dimming

Configuration single LZW31-SN associated to 3x LZW42s with groups 3 and 4.

Params 9 and 10 (Default Levels) = 99
Param 21 = 1 (Neutral)
Param 22 = 0 (Single Pole)
Param 52 = 2 (Smart Bulb)

Dimmer = 1.61
Bulbs = 2.31

Turn on light. Manually dim the light all the way down (appears off). Tap paddle to turn on light. Observe light turns on but LED bar doesn’t move or is too small of a change to notice. Turn off light. Manually dim to full brightness and observe LED bar updating.

Best Guess:
I suspect the default level (param 9) is not handled in the dim from off state when the last state was barely on.

Video demonstration:
*Ignore the last 10 seconds of black. I had to make the clip over a minute so it wouldn’t be a “short” :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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You can’t dim to off. Holding down only dims to the minimum level. It seems to go off because the level is so low the lights go off.

Interesting. I just dimmed all the way down, tapped down once to turn off, then tapped up to go to full brightness and then the LED bar updated correctly. So I guess my description is incorrect but the issue is still valid? @PJF do you agree?

I think it’s working as intended. Dim to 1%, then you are telling it to turn on when it is already on so it doesn’t change. I agree that I’m 99% sure you can’t hold down dimming to 0% (off), only 1% (on).

Edit: It is a logged feature request with @EricM_Inovelli to always honor the default level when one physical tap up is triggered.

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Link? I’ll mark it as solution.

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I’ll try to do some hunting. It was in the firmware that added Smart Bulb Mode 2, I listed my “nice to haves” and others added. Will edit when I find.

BOOM: Firmware v1.55 (Beta) | LZW31-SN | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2) - #50 by kreene1987

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I was always of the understanding the default level parameters were used when the dimmer is turned on. Dimming all the way down takes it down to 1% and not off, so if it’s not off then you’re not turning it on by tapping up.

^^ Not sure how the default level parameters factor in, but I agree that a long press down will not turn off the dimmer, it will just take it to whatever the min is set to. We’ve had several reports here from folks thinking they had an issue because the dimmer wouldn’t turn on. In fact the dimmer was on but the min set too low so the bulbs weren’t illuminated. So when they tapped up once the weren’t turning it on because it already was.