Email from Dev-Commuity

Hey all,

It’s come to my attention that some of you may have received an email from our developer site (dev-community.inovelli) – thanks for the heads up @jtronicus and @Jamesonrw!

Feel free to disregard it as I was testing out a plug-in we installed that allows for text wrapping.

Check this out…

Normally, if you put a picture in the body, it shows like the below one does:

But now, if you click this button:

You can wrap the text around the picture.

It’s pretty cool. I’m not really sure what to say so I’m just writing random text to show you that now you can wrap text around the picture. I’m not even sure what most people will use it for, it was just me messing around with a plug-in bc I like pretty pictures and formatting.

You’ll see [floatl] which means, “float left” – if you change the “l” to an “r”, it will float right.

Anyway, apologies for the confusion and hopefully we can figure out how to disable emails for the dev community only.