Employee Feature - Brianna Greve (AMA)

What is your title and what do you do?

Senior Marketing Manager (I mostly just respond as Marketing Manager) Anything creative and fun pretty much runs through me! I design the product packages and digital content, I created our automated emails and rewards program as well as our fun online campaigns. I film and edit all of our How To and Update videos and I’m the one you chat with when you message us on social!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I always joke that I have the best job because I get to do all of the fun creative stuff. I truly love getting to talk to our community on social media, this community we have built together is one of a kind and getting to create campaigns that we can all enjoy like the St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt or our Birthday Giveaway is always a blast.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a true “michigander” you might say. My husband and I spend at least #1000HoursOutside each year doing anything from paddle boarding, snow shoeing, sailing, hiking, gardening and foraging. If you have spent any length of time with me than you probably already know way too much about my puppy, Sully, but he hails straight from Kashyyyk (bonus points if you get this joke).

What is your current favorite movie?

My top two all time favorite movies are: My Fair Lady or The Life Aquatic

What is your current favorite song?

This week it’s “Heat Above” by Greta Van Fleet

What is your current favorite food?


What is your favorite smart home product?

Pixel Effect #45 on our Smart LED Strip is on pretty much 24/7

What is your favorite Smart Home Automation?

I don’t own a home yet but I have been collecting automations from our community and my team over these past two years and one thing I’m excited to eventually implement is a smart greenhouse with soil and air temperature sensors! I would love to have a fully automated garden one day.

What does the team have to say about Brianna?

“Brianna is the sunshine on a cloudy day. She’s the person who can bring a smile to your face no matter the situation. In addition, she’s a darn good marketer and her GIF game is on point!”

“Brianna always has creative ways to interact with the Inovelli Community on her mind. If you ever need the perfect GIF to respond with on a thread throughout the social media landscape, she’s your go-to person.”

“Brianna has been a huge asset to Inovelli! Her creativity, design skills, and personality help make Inovelli a company I am proud to work for.”

“Brianna is the GOAT. She is the unstoppable force on our team and always in the know of what’s happening in the smart home content creator space.”

“I like to call her the marketing queen because she knows what she’s doing and she does it well! Brianna is the life of the office and always has everyone laughing when she’s around. She’s quick to throw down with a meme or a GIF, and always taking her talents in marketing, photoshop, video and design to another level when bringing Inovelli and our products to life on the web!”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Brianna a bit, feel free to ask her your questions below!


Sup Brianna! I’ll start :slight_smile:

  1. What made you choose marketing as a career?
  2. Being one of the OG’s (brings tears to my eyes – you were the first person outside of CS that we hired), what has been your top 3 craziest stories here? Also keep in mind you have an NDA signed lol jk.
  3. What’s your favorite customer interaction?
  4. Describe each of us here using GIF’s only lol

Ok, that’s all… for now!

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Yo, here’s my questions :sunglasses:

  1. What is the most rewarding thing about working at Inovelli?
  2. What piece of music do you personally consider a masterpiece?
  3. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

haha thanks Eric!

  1. Idk if i’m supposed to answer this honestly, if it’s just my boss reading this than it was because of my passion for all things creative and analytical… but if I’m being honest I hated school (I’d rather do the thing than sit in a classroom for hours learning about it) so I picked the major with the least amount of credits and luckily I ended up being able to combine my love of creating and design with an actual career path!

  2. I’m not sure if I ever did sign that NDA… the crazy ones I can speak about though… man there are so many.
    (First) Top of my list would probably have to be having a booth at CES. Not only did I design the booth (of course it was a collaborative effort), but I also designed our marketing materials and all of our packaging at that point. Seeing the booth fully put together was a literal representation of my hard work and I actually cried when I saw it on the showroom floor for the first time. Then during the show we had a whole team of graphic and packaging designers come over to ask us what firm we used for our design, and I got to say “It was me!”. One of the guys was like “where were you trained in design” and I think I pissed him off by saying I was self taught.
    (Second) when we were first designing our bulbs I had done about 46 renditions of the packaging before we were ready to finalize and I get a message from Eric saying “hey what if we completely change everything you’ve been working on for the past week” lol It was about 5 hours before we had to submit the finalized files to our manufacturer and it was like 10pm so I hopped on my computer and literally seconds before it was due I had completely redesigned the bulb packaging and we ended up submitting draft #53
    (Third) Not really a crazy story, but just generally speaking our community is insane. From a marketing perspective I have never seen anything like it. I was always told that there is no such thing as brand loyalty these days (and in my previous positions that rang true), but we have completely flipped the script here with what we’ve built. I think the ability we have to connect with our customers and really bring to life products that they can see in their own homes is something super special, and also something I don’t see us losing as we continue to grow. There are lots more I feel like I can’t share yet… you’ll have to wait for our memoire for the juiciest ones I think.

  3. Any customer that knows me enough to call me out by name has got to be my favorite. Just to shoutout a few, @Almulder is always engaging on Facebook and asking the best questions, even if I have to ask our Techy people for help. @kreene1987 is not only super helpful in the community but his twitter mentions always bring the coolest conversations. Just the other day someone requested info on how he setup his system! @ashley.waltrip is also the coolest. I feel like there aren’t a ton of women in the tech space and having her in our community and providing resources (like our latest customer feature) is so cool.

  4. Lol you asked for this…
    Eric H

Eric M




Myself lol

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  1. Seeing my designs come to life has been pretty sweet. I didn’t have a background in packaging design but it’s made me a much more detail oriented designer overall which has been so valuable. Also just being able to take risks when it comes to social or our community, a lot of my previous positions were very used to the “status quo” and refused to let me push the boundaries, I don’t have that issue here thats for sure haha

  2. Anything by Bon Iver, ABBA, and James Blake are all masterpieces lol Also “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls.

  3. Sleeping is like my top 3 favorite past times so I would probably still sleep lol or I would get into astrophotography because I can never stay up late enough to do that now.

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Was at CES. Can confirm, she did cry upon seeing the finished product.


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If turning it off and then on again doesn’t fix the issue, this is a great second troubleshooting step! :wink: