Excited for my 10-pack to arrive!

I ordered 8x of the Red Series Dimmers on sale this spring and fell in love with these. They are less expensive and more feature packed than anything I’ve found so far. I installed the Fan switch and two On/Off red series modules since then; and just made the plunge to get the 10-pack of Red Series dimmers. This will make my /entire/ house controlled by these (don’t tell the hackers).

I’m running OpenHAB and things have been flawless.

It looks like I might be adding a second home to my automation setup and am looking at a 10-pack of Black Series since the main feature I need is smart control and non-neutral. I’m not concerned about scenes and notifications from the switch in this case, and it saves an additional $10/switch.

A big thanks to the Inovelli team and the great community. Not sure if I’m eligible for the upcoming rewards program based on past purchases, but I’m a huge advocate. I just watched a video about Lutron Caseta which costs an astounding $85 per switch (2-3x) and still doesn’t work as well as these (local control, scenes, notifications, built-in functionality, etc).


Thanks for taking the time to share!

Yes - All purchases this year will receive credit. That being said there will be some limits to this credit (it will expire), going forward I don’t think it will expire.

I’m only 10 switches and 1 dimmer in, and I’m afraid I’m about to drop even more money. It all started with the in-laws complaining that my light switches didn’t work right (Hue bulbs), and now I really don’t want to turn off the lights the kids leave on upstairs…

This product and the support are phenomenal so far. I almost dove into the Caseta system and decided against it for the same reasons.

In the words of Eminem and @Courtney_Inovelli (whose also from MI)… “Don’t be scared, bc there ain’t nothin to worry about”

We got you.

That’s awesome :slightly_smiling_face: I’m also from Michigan - went to school at Ferris and my sisters went to Western in KZoo; not too far from you guys.

Sweet! I went to WMU too and yeah, we’re about 1-2 miles away from campus! I actually just drove through Big Rapids the other day on my way back from Traverse City :slight_smile: