Fan/light question

Anyone know if the canopy module and switch have any reason they need to be on the same circuit?? The switch doesn’t actually switch power to the module, if I recall from the one I installed line/load go to the same screw terminal right? Since all the switching is done by the canopy module…

For those interested, this is the old house use case. Old houses (read: mostly an east coast problem!) often were built without or before switches. If you’re really lucky, sometimes the lights are even installed in the old gas lamp positions! So the switches, being added after the fact, are nearly anyways a switch loop. (I.e.- no neutral in the box… Hot just goes down and back… Line goes to the ceiling first, not the switch). Rather than rewiring… The thought is, could in just wire the module off the power that’s there and run a new circuit from wherever happens to be easiest to a new switch position for the fan/light controller.

Note: also frequently in old houses, the lights are on their own circuit… Sometimes all one… Because they were the only electric thing in the house… It wasn’t the “light circuit”, it was “the circuit”! Point being… The nearest thing to tap into is most likely NOT the same circuit.

There should be no requirement to have them on the same circuit. The switch communicates to the module using RF frequency. The requirements would be to have full time electricity with neutral at each location, and a maximum of 32.8ft (10m) between the two.

Yep you are good to have always on power to both the switch and the fan but on different circuits.

I was running my LZW36 switches on lamp cords for power when I programmed them, with the canopy modules also on lamp cords in another room…

I have them on different circuits. It doesn’t matter at all.

Thanks everyone! That’s the answer I was assuming but good to know others have done it before I potentially gut some old BX wiring without a clear path forward :-). Might get one ordered and in hand first still though - luck would have it they’ll go “out of stock” the minute I gut the existing switch wiring :-).