Fan & Light Switch (Project Hurricane)

Still on track for Mass Production on May 11th :blush:

MP will likely be 2wks and we’re shipping this via air, so add in another few days and I’d say it’ll be in the US by end of May or the first week in June.

The only real delay I can see is if UL comes back with something the internal team didn’t catch or customs clearance takes a while (which, due to COVID, we are seeing delays).


Was there any conclusion on this?

This would be my scenario. I would want two wall switches and one canopy module, with the 2nd switch acting as a remote to the 1st. (not in a real 3 way wiring set up)

Really just looking to keep the aesthetics the same on the switches, and I don’t mind if it requires that I program one of the switches as a remote through Zwave and/or my Hubitat.

If this is possible, is there a way we can order a 2nd wall switch only? (hint: it doesn’t need to be in fancy packaging… you can 'brown bag it" for all I care)


One thing that may need to be called out or noted for this Fan/Light switch is that it may not work fully with Fans that don’t have a physical forward/reverse switch. I just purchased a new fan for the place I plan on using my pre-ordered switch (when it arrives) and upon installation I noticed it doesn’t have a physical forward/reverse switch. Instead it came with a remote and the other end was a receiver that had an extra wire that would just power the fan in reverse when you wanted it to go the other direction. I’m guessing I’ll have to just wire it up so it always goes in one direction. I could wire it in series with the other receiver it came with so I could use the fan remote to change direction, but it defaults to off when power applied so I’d have to use the remote to turn it on every time (defeats the purpose of this switch). Thought I’d share with others that are looking at new fans.

I’m actually going to buy a 2nd fan tomorrow to test this out. Pray I don’t blow up our HQ please lol!

Everyone says in theory it should work as long as you’re below the max amperage, but I’ll know for sure tomorrow or Tues at the latest.

Lol, I wish. They’re all packaged with a canopy module at the factory. I suppose if there happen to be returns one day where the canopy is busted but the switch works, we could sell them separately, but as of right now, there’s no way to do this.

Well, In an effort to keep you from blowing up the HQ.

Here is the set I currently have in place, with the 2 switch scenario in Step 12 - Two Location Control. (before this it was a 3 way toggle with the traveller etc…)

That’s too bad about the switch being unavailable… in past lives with Power Tool companies, we would always bring in repair/spare components for service etc… (battery packs, chargers, accessory kits) anytime we launched a tool or kit with multiple components.

Thanks for the responses! Good luck with the testing.


@dcoffing, @mgreenb561, @Eastlake12 and anyone else who was wondering about having two fans on one module with a single switch.

I managed to wire this up today and it worked! Now, as a disclaimer, our stance is that this was not designed for two fans and has not run through UL with this intent in mind nor have I tested the longevity of this setup, so please use at your own risk. Keep in mind the total amperage the module can handle is 1A with a total of 200W Incandescent or 100W LED/CFL.

But, here you go – janky setup and all!

@MKITGO2 – my bad, I read this last night as you wanting to control two fans, not have two switches control the fan so I didn’t test that today.

I don’t have two fan switches available right now to test this, but in theory this would work from a wiring perspective. You’d just have to turn one of the travelers to always hot and use the neutral (then cap off the other traveler). The part I’m not 100% sure on is how multi-channel associations work.

@EricM_Inovelli – can you answer if, from a firmware side, you could associate two fan/light switches together?

I’m assuming the answer lies in this chart – now if only I could read Z-Wave!

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The switch does support multichannel association. You could set a multichannel association for group endpoint 2, group 2,3 or 4 from one switch to endpoint 2 of another switch and that should result in the fan buttons for one switch controlling the fan of the second switch. You could do the same for endpoint 1 to control the lights.

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Eric, what about using one Single switch with TWO fan modules, one module per fan. This way I don’t have to worry about amperage & light ratings.

Hey @dcoffing - great question - no, unfortunately, one switch can only control one module :frowning:

Hey, does this work if I have only one wire going to the fan. I’m looking to replace a ceiling light and need a switch that will tell the module to turn on the light and fan seperately.

Yes this is exactly what this switch is designed to do :slight_smile:

Holy crap! That was a fast response and by the CEO! Looking to replace my Lutron Caseta lineup when your remotes and regular fan switch comes out. Keep up the great work!

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A relative wants to start a smart home and I recommended him Inovelli and he wants to replace the whole house which is 5,000 sq ft so look forward to those purchases! Lol


Sometimes I like to take a step down from my ivory throne and enter the community. It’s tough leaving the life of luxury, surrounded by the constant line of hungry Popeye’s Chicken customers on one side of my castle shouting for their #2’s (make sure it’s crispy) and the constant smell of powerwashed grease coming from the restaurant to the other side of my kingdom.

Lol, all kidding aside, happy to help and while I may have the fancy title, I really just draw pretty pictures and play with smart home gadgets all day :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! That really means a lot – we’d all love to see it if he/she wants to share!

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Hello, sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but does this switch REQUIRE a wire from the fan to function? I have a fan that is always powered and the only means of controlling it are through RF. I was wondering if this switch would still work if I just power it using the mains from the wall without the load line to the fan. I’m guessing some features such as the power monitoring require that wire but obviously I don’t know. I’m really looking forward to this product as the other fans in my house should work with the intended wiring diagram and I was just hoping all of my fans could support it.

I would think it should work, just you need 120v wiring to install the switch, basically this switch controls the fan and light seperately via RF.

I guess in theory it wouldn’t need one - you’d just need a way to power the switch and the module. So if you have power at the switch and at the module, you should be fine. The only thing I need to check is if the neutrals need to be connected (from the light switch to the module).

Let me ask the engineers and get back to you on this.

So… Wife is getting a bit anxious about WHEN these will become reality, then the fan speed knob breaks off today (on purpose? I won’t tell if you won’t).

Hoping I can ask for these for father’s day and receive them!

Pretty please?

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Following - I have the exact same use case and was about to ask. Hoping the nuetral doesn’t have to be direct between the switch and fan module.

If this is possible I will pre-order 1 more and return this silly WiFi/remote setup from amazon.

Suuuuuuuuuuure it’s the wife… lol jk

Production is still on schedule for the 25th as of yesterday, so I would venture a guess that they’ll be stateside in 2-3 weeks after :slight_smile: