Fan & Light Switch (Project Hurricane)

Hello all, I am also using a Hunter fan and all is working great! [antenna inside canopy | Fan Model: Cassius]. I also have this Switch connected to 4 Recessed Dimmable LEDs. [Luxrite 3inch Round - 4000k].

Anyway is there anyway for SmartThings to display the fan scale as a Low/Medium/High buttons instead of a brightness scale?

I believe the bulbs are dimmable even though the previous fan remote did not have a dimming function. I’ll have to pull them and verify. Right now I’m having an issue with the module not being connected to the switch.

Some fan remote modules have an integrated capacitor to assist with low speed startup. this module does not have that correct?

You may need to put the antanna outside of the canapy. I needed to do this to make it work after completing my install.

Hi all. I have a Hunter fan and have everything wired up. When trying to pair the switch to the canopy, the switch flashes bright green, but the fanlight stays pulsing. Therefore not getting control from the switch.

Anyone experience this?

Ugh, I spent a lot of time getting this working with HA in a useful way to finally stick the module secured in the canopy and now I’m having all kinds of issues with it receiving commands. The antenna is sticking out too, not good. It’s late I guess I’ll see if I can sort it tomorrow :frowning:

edit: this morning I pulled the antenna out from the bottom instead of out the top side and it’s working great again. It’s only a few inches at best but entirely different orientation must make a difference.

Does anyone know if there’s a difference in radiation/reception on the canopy module with the label vs vented side facing down?

My switch has lost pairing with the fan module multiple times already. It is 9ft (just measured with a tape measure, no obstructions between switch and canopy). So I am going to pull then fan down (again) and bring the antenna out in the hope that helps.

When it looses pairing does the fan light pulse or does it just not respond to physical or remote commands?

Mine has not responded to commands (manual and remote) and the light does not pulse. I just took the fan down, moved the antenna out, and put the fan back up.

Set the switch to pair with the module… And it did not pair. It did it’s pulsing but never went green. Waited, tried switches, nothing. Shut off the breaker that covers both the switch and fan itself, waited 10 seconds, turned the breaker back on. They now appear to be paired again (both fan and light responding to switch). Have to see if this lasts now.

So far mine is staying connected. I did not move the antenna. Just the breaker flip. I ordered some new GE bulbs to try and fix the flickering. This fan has GU24 bulb mounts and I was using adapters to use regular bulbs. I did find one dimmable bulb I had that doesn’t flicker. Funny, it’s an old Cree bulb I got for 79 cents at Home Depot 5 or 6 years ago. Too big to get the glass shade back on. If the new bulbs don’t fix it, I’ll play around with the settings.

Sounds like a few different situations. My switch thinks it’s paired with the canopy, but the canopy continues to pulse the light, therefore no control. Did breaker on/off a few times also

Did you try synching the switch to the canopy module again while the light was blinking?

Yea, the switch then flashes the bright green saying it’s connected. But the pulsing keeps happening at the fan. Seems like the switch thinks it’s connected, but the canopy doesn’t

I just had another disconnect and had to flip the breaker again.

I got my new bulbs,, and they flicker turning on and off so I was playing around with the settings and using the Pico remote to turn it on and off from my office while watching the fan with a camera in that room. So I had turned it off and on maybe 20 times with the remote and several times with the switch and all of a sudden the fan quit responding to commands.

I had to change the dimming speed to 0 to stop the flickering. It still flickers when they are dimmed down to certain levels but since we didn’t have dimming before it’s ok for now.

BTW, there is a thread dedicated to the canopy module issues -

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