Fan+light switch wiring with 2 fans

I have 2 existing ceiling fans/lights that I am replacing and want to confirm whether or not I can wire them to be controlled from ONE single LZW36 | Fan & Light Switch. Obviously to control each fan as ONE and each light as ONE…not looking for separate control for each light or each fan. Any insight on this would be extremely helpful.

This was disscussed in an older thread, and I believe your going to have to buy 2 switches and associate them together. Each fan will need a module, as I don’t believe one module can handle enough current to power 2 fans, and the modules come paired to their switches.

I appreciate the help, i figured this was likely the case.
Can anyone confirm if this fan will be ok with the FAN-LIGHT switch?

Hunter Kenbridge Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull Chain Control

It says it has the Hunter WhisperWInd motor which is AC.

Hunter Ceiling Fans:** Hunter features their trademark WhisperWind motors in all of their ceiling fans. This AC motor delivers powerful air-movement yet is quiet and ideal for bedrooms or living rooms. Hunter is also introducing newer DC motors into their newer and high-end models. DC motors are not only much quieter than AC motors but are far more energy efficient while providing a more powerful performance.

It should work fine.