Fan switch compatibility with Minka Aire

Hi, I have an older home and am looking at purchasing new fans that I would like to use with the combo fan light switches:

From what I can tell both have AC motors and include a Minka Aire receiver and remote or wall switch. I want to understand if the inovelli switch will work and what functionality may be impacted:

  1. Based on the instructions does it seem like we could install the inovelli receiver in place of the minka aire one and then could use the inovelli switch at the wall?

  2. One of the fans has an uplight - would that work with the inovelli switch?

  3. The other fan has a dimmable integrated LED - has anyone had issues with a Minka Aire LED working properly and were there any work arounds?

I think both fans are also compatible with Bond so not sure if there is a better/ different route where we could still use the inovelli switches.

Looks like it would work with either fan. A couple of things that stick out to me are:

First fan: Easy replacement of the Minka receiver with Inovelli. I just don’t WTH an uplight is. Basically, Inovelli has only one light control, so you could wire the uplight to the other light, so they’ll both turn on.

Second fan: This fan is setup for a non neutral switch. It should easily be replaceable with the Inovelli, but you will need to ensure you have a neutral at the wall switch.

Some people have had an issue with built in LEDs (not turning off all the way). That is something to consider. Sometimes the Aeotec Bypass helps resolve the issue with the dim lights.

  1. I just replaced an old fan with a Home Decorators Britton which uses the exact same model of canopy receiver: DL-1167RYS-02. Remove this receiver and the innovelli receiver fits in the cradle perfectly. The original receiver was zip-tied onto the cradle but I just used some double-sided tape. (Cradle may be different with Minka Aire). Then just had to cut the old molex-type connector off the motor wires and connect the black/red, blue, and white wires together. Of course the innovelli wall switch won’t be able to reverse fan direction so I just left it on the default “summer” setting of pushing air.

  2. The LED light works fine with dimming, although with a noticeable delay even on “immediate” dimming due to RF transmission delay.

The only major complaint is fairly loud motor humming at max speed. Maybe the innovelli 3-speed capacitances don’t match the original? The original receiver is labeled as 5uf+6uf.

Thank you both! We have neutral wires so sounds like we should be good to go.