Firmware Download

Where can I download firmware upgrades for inovelli products?

Great question @BllueRige – moving forward, we’ll be releasing new updates likely 2x a year for free. We haven’t set aside a specific date yet, but we definitely put the OTA (Over-the-Air) capability on our products so that we can provide them in the future. Currently, we’re rebuilding our website and will have a dedicated section for firmware updates for sure.

For existing products, send our support team a request and we can see if there are any available for your product.

Just an FYI (you may already know this, but for people reading this who don’t) to upgrade firmware, you will have to be using a HUB that supports OTA updates for Z-Wave (most do not). If you don’t have a HUB that supports OTA, you’ll have to buy a Z-Stick (, Aeotec, etc), have a computer that runs Windows or Linux, and then download the Z-Wave Controller Software (free - but you have to register an account).

Happy to help anyone that needs it – it’s not as overwhelming as you may think!

Thanks. I use HomeSeer and it can put an OTA firmware to a device. I have written support to see if there is a firmware update for my NZW31 as it appears when the device is manually actuated it doesn’t send a status change to the hub and I was curious if a firmware update would resolve this or if I needed to replace it with a switch that communicated its status change to the hub. An automation event I was working on kept failing and it had me confused until I realized that the switch was not updating the hub when manually triggered.

Okay, I resolved this without a firmware update. It appears the ten NZW31 switches in my system did not setup an association with the number one node (HomeSeer) and I had to manually put in this association for each Inovelli product. Worth knowing if you have HomeSeer as your control product.

I put in an association with the root node and now the switches report a status change.

Dang, that’s awesome! Glad you were able to resolve it and I appreciate you letting everyone know what to do if they have a HomeSeer HUB.

Let me know if you run into anymore issues. We have HomeSeer here at the office we can help with as well.


Thanks. HomeSeer is honestly the “big iron” toolkit for home automation. It can do amazingly complicated things, but at the expense of making simple things at times amazingly hard.

In this instance, I needed to know when a light was manually switched so I could suspend a motion detector. If you turn on the light, the light no longer responds to motion, and if you turn off the light, the motion detector resumes control. HomeSeer has the ability to do these complex types of arrangements though you have to “create them” with layers of “if then” logic and often “dummy” devices that end up being nothing more than variable place holders. In this instance when the light is manually turned on, a virtual device is also turned on and when that virtual device is on, the motion trigger event results in no action. It is a good tool kit, but not for the faint of heart or the coding averse.