Firmware Update Frozen + Abort + Retry question

Hello All,
I’m new here. Bought 10 LZW31 switches and tried to update all to 1.47 to address the 700ms delay issue. I’m using the Aeotec z-stick gen5.

3 of them I had to retry 3-4 times because at one random point, the program would freeze at the transfer then I had to hit the “Abort” button and retry loading the .otz or .bin file. It will complete after a few retries.

If the transfer freezes and I hit the Abort button and retry it, does it do any damage to the switch firmware base?
How can I check that the .bin or .otz file has been applied properly after multiple retries?
My concern is if it doesn’t go smooth the first time, it will render the switch unstable in the long run if I do too many retries to load the .bin or .otz file.

@EricM_Inovelli, hey Eric, would you happen to have an answer for this?

Are you using the Z-stick as a secondary controller? What version of PC controller are you using?

I haven’t seen the process freeze like that, but I have aborted several updates. It shouldn’t cause any issues. You can issue a “Get” again in the PC controller software to confirm the firmware version after the update. You can’t really do this for the .bin so I suggest watching that transfer to make sure it completes and the switch reboots.

Yup, i am. I followed the documentation to use it as a secondary controller.
I’m using version 5.39.

I was just worried an “Abort” would cause trouble later on.
But after the .otz completed when I do a get i see the version changed. Just really can’t confirm the .bin load other than the transfer bar disappearing.

So far all the switches I did works like it should even the one that I had to try multiple times to update.

Thanks for confirming an abort is acceptable.

Mine did the same thing updating the Fan + Light switch. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get it to allow me to do the “Get” command again, it says “OTA Firmware Update Initialization Failed”

Ok, After pulling the ‘Air Gap’ on the device and resetting it, I was able to try the update again and it worked the second time. Phew…