Firmware Versions (All Beta)

I remember when the LZW36 | Fan + Light - Red Series was released there were a few issues that were addressed with updated firmware which most people including me updated to. I recently encountered what might be a problem and thought maybe I am running outdated firmware. When I went to the firmware page:

I noticed that all firmware listed there for every model is listed as Beta. I am curious if there is any plan to designate any of the firmware updates as production or standard or something that implies less risk than the Beta label?

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In the past, firmware was no longer considered “beta” when it started shipping preinstalled on devices.

Before it can come preinstalled on devices, it needs to go through zwave certification again.
Zwave certification costs $$$$$.

Im sure Inovelli is waiting until they can be sure all the kinks are ironed out before releasing a non-beta firmware.