Fluorescent Lights - Flicker/Dim

LZW31-SN Red Dimmer
Load Only

Load is ~30W fluorescent, pretty old ballast (admittedly) but I have the switch working with a higher load (180W) set of 3 fluorescents.

Switch installed just fine and works with hub, commands, etc. When switched on (at 100%) it is only showing ~6W, is about 20% level (makes sense), and the bulbs are flickering/pulsing.

Since I have neutral at this switch location I assumed all would be fine. Do these not work well with older ballast/fluorescent assemblies?

I removed the switch and went back to my normal switches and everything works normally.

Thanks for any help,


I don’t think these are rated for fluorescent style bulbs like shop lights.

The load has to support dimming… Most fluorescents do not