For Sale: 6" zigbee recessed lights

Hey all,

I have a bunch of 6" zigbee recessed lights that will go nicely with direct binding on the inovelli blues. I’ve recently migrated over to hue for everything in the house and have the following to sell:

12+ sylvania smart plus 5-6" recessed (mix of color and adjustable white) ("+recessed&qid=1691270485&s=hi&sprefix=sylvania+zigbee+6+recesse%2Ctools%2C99&sr=1-4)

40 Commercial Electric 5+6" recessed adjustable white (

29 halo/eaton 5-6" recessed adjustable white (

I’m looking to sell as much in bulk as possible. I’m willing to sell the commercial electric at $5/each, eaton/halo $15/each and $10 for the sylvania plus shipping. Let me know if anyone is interested, would potentially be willing to go even lower if someone is willing to buy all at once.