For Sale: Red Series 12 LZW31-SN and 4 LZW31

I have a total of 16 Red Series (Gen2) Dimmers for sale. They are all lightly used with various mix of tabs present or removed.

12x LZW31-SN @$25 *** SOLD ***
4x LZW31 @$20

Plus shipping but I will cover the shipping if you buy the whole lot. Located in Dallas TX



Sending you a DM

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What’s the difference between the LZW31 and LZW31-SN?

The -SN has scene capability. No multi-tap capability with the LZW31. I think no notifications, no power reporting and no Zwave association for the LZW31 Black series, too.

@mamber, if the LZW31-SN switches are still available, I’d like to purchase them.

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No multi-tap, but it does support single-tap events on all 3 buttons (tap-up,tap-down, tap-config)

Are you thinking of the Gen1? These are Gen2 and the user manual has references to associations in the Advanced Features section. I used them with associations to emulate a ‘smarter’ Aux switch in 3-way circuits. This means that both ends of the 3-way had a LED bar indicating dimming/load level. They are actually quite useful for this purpose

Was that with a specific firmware only? I recall it briefly being introduced and then removed.

I compared the parameter list between the Black and the Red and the Black does not have P12 Association Behavior, hence the “I think” part.

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You’re correct. Tap events for the black series only exist for a certain beta firmware. Unfortunately that firmware isn’t as reliable in non-neutral setups.

All the LZW31-SN have been sold.