For Sale: SOLD 18 Red Series Switches (used), SOLD 1 Red Series Dimmer (used), SOLD 11 GE aux switches (used), 20 Blue Switches (new, 17 available)

Edit 1: 20 faulty blues have been claimed

Edit 2: All Red Series on/off, Red Series Dimmer and GE Aux Switches have been claimed

Edit 3: I had inappropriately marked the new Blue Series switches as sold in the title. That is incorrect: I sold the faulty switches that the new switches replaced. Sorry for the confusion!

Edit 4: 17 Blue switches remaining for sale

As with all things DIY home automation, plans change and I now have the following up for sale:

18 used Red Series on/off switches (many with the heatsink tabs broken off for junction box fitment purposes)

1 used Red Series dimmer

11 used GE aux switches utilized for multi-way applications with my previous switches/dimmers

20 new in box Blue Series switches

(Sidenote: I also have 20 faulty Blue Series switches that suffered the signal degradation issues as well. I don’t know if these are of value to anyone here, so I’ll just note that they are also up for negotiation if that is allowable)

With shipping costs borderline crazy, I’d prefer to part way with my offerings in the fewest amount of packages possible. With that being said, while I have a general price per each item in my head, I’m more than willing to negotiate on price depending on how much (preferably all at once :grinning:) goes to the same location.

Feel free to PM me with offers!

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Where are you located? Locals may be more inclined to meet up. GLWS!

Do you ship over canada?

Good point. Central Oklahoma.

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I don’t see that being an issue.