Forum Cleanup - Finally!

Alright everyone, so the time has come where we are going to clean up and organize this forum!

Over the next week or so, there will be a slight design change as well as an overall structure change to make things easier for topics to be discovered.

Here’s a mockup of what we’re working on (NOTE: it may change from a design perspective, but from an organization perspective, it shouldn’t change)

Normal Mode:

Dark Mode:

You’ll notice there’s going to be 8 categories now.

  • News, Updates and Roadmap: This will be where we release any news, updates and anything related to our product roadmap
  • Suggestions & Wishlist: Here’s where we’ll talk about what everyone wants and try our best to meet the demands!
  • Wiring Discussion: Notice it says, “discussion” not, “help” from our end lol – we (Inovelli) can’t offer help due to liabilities, but hopefully the community can talk about wiring issues
  • Digital Lounge: Just a spot to chat about whatever you want
  • Samsung SmartThings: A sub-community for all SmartThings related questions
  • Hubitat: A sub-community for all Hubitat related questions
  • Home Assistant: A sub-community for all Home Assistant related questions
  • Other Hubs: A sub-community for all other hub related questions

Within each hub sub-community there will be various topics, such as: Ask the Community and Tips & Tricks.

In addition, we will be introducing tags so that we can start tagging posts (ie: Product, Hub, etc).

I’ll be retroactively going back and re-categorizing all posts (fun…) and hopefully this will help make things easier to find!

Lastly, this is a stretch goal, but we’d like the community to be able to be tied into our helpdesk platform (Zoho). Not sure if this is possible, but if there’s anyone out there knowledgeable with API’s and coding, we’d love to hear from you lol.

Have a great day!

Founder | Inovelli


If there is a way to allow it I’m sure the community would be willing to help sort things. At a minimum Dark Mode!

Dark Mode is going to be awesome. I can’t remember where I saw this (I think it was on the website feedback thread), but I laughed at a comment about how the website blinded someone on the toilet at 4am or something haha.

I’m hoping we can implement it site-wide at some point, but we have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do about allowing others to re-categorize things – thanks for the suggestion!

Dark mode is available under profile settings then interface. It’s missing the graphics on the front/main page which Eric will be adding tonight.


All set! @amdbuilder, let me know if you need help finding it. I’m on dark mode right now and it’s awesome :grinning:

Are you still looking for this? It might be possible, but there are quite a few variables.

Ha, dang, you know – I forgot all about this. We have a pretty skilled coder who’s been doing a lot of work and is very knowledgeable with Zoho and Discourse, so I’ll pass this on to him. Thanks for bringing this back up!