Gen 2 Red Strange Flickering Issues w/ Lithonia Ultra Thin Wafer LEDs

Hi. I’m encountering some strange flickering issues with 6 Lithonia Ultra Thin Wafer LEDs connected to a Red Series Gen 2 Switch. I tried messing with high and low levels but it’s acting all wonky. In the past I’ve used Lutron switches without issues and wanted to give this a fair chance but I’m at my wit’s end now.

I took a video but this board won’t allow me to upload it.
Here’s a pic of the lights:

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Hey sorry - you’re having this with the On/Off switch or Dimmer?

Hey Eric - I’ve seen you on the HE forum for a while and wanted to give this a chance. It’s a newer red dimmer. First one after having been a long-time Lutron user.

I’d also add that I tried updating FW using Hubitat in case that might’ve been the issue - could get it to download but wouldn’t install. However it’s pretty distant from my HE hub so I didn’t have time to troubleshoot and now it’s sitting in a box. I had taken a video of the behavior but I think forum restrictions for new users prevented me from uploading it.

Well we appreciate you giving us a chance! I think based on it being the dimmer, it likely isn’t compatible with the wafers you have.

I actually haven’t seen many of the wafer style LED’s work with the dimmers :frowning:

There’s a KB article which explains how the dimmers are constructed here and what to look for in a bulb which may help if you’re able to swap out the lights:

In addition, here’s a bulb compatibility chart that will help if you’re able to replace them:

If you’re not able to, I’d recommend the Zooz switches as they have really good firmware too and I believe they are TRIAC and work with more bulbs than ours. Great company too.

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Thanks Eric. Unfortunately I have an unusual situation with my basement ceiling height and not much space between the finished drywall ceiling and insulation/flooring above it in order for it to pass code. So I needed a very thin light that could sit in a narrow cavity and this fits the bill (which btw for anyone out there has amazing color rendering - probably the best I’ve seen so far.)

For now, I’m going to stick with the Casetas on these wafers since I have had them for many years. I might be able to find a use for this dimmer in other rooms.