Getting an Affordable USB Z-Wave Stick for Firmware Update(s)

Like many others using a SmartThings hub, I’d really like to update the firmware on my black dimmer switch (so that I have instant on/off) and maybe then buy more of them. However, the only offerings I can find online for Z-Wave USB sticks are like $50CAD or more, which is a lot to spend just to update a firmware.

So I was wondering if anyone has a spare used stick they can sell to me for relatively cheap, or maybe send out to borrow for a while. I live in Canada BTW, but right across the border from Detroit so shipping shouldn’t be too costly especially for a tiny item that can fit in an envelope.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated, cheers.

P.S. OH BTW if I were to purchase another black dimmer switch from Amazon Canada, will it have the up-to-date firmware with the instant on/off feature? If it helps, it says stock is coming in in 3 days so perhaps those will be newer units?

Your better off getting a stick man, anyone who has gone so far as to get one typically only has one that they use, and anyone looking to ditch Thiers wouldn’t be on the forum.

I could be wrong though!

Would this work?

Will a S2 work for you?

I use the with my hubitat and haven’t had issues.

Since I’m having so much trouble doing firmware updates any more with Hubitat I am on version 1.48 for my Red Dimmers, LZW31-SN. I have been looking at getting a Z-Wave stick, but it seems like a lot of work, including maybe having to exclude/re-include the switches to/from my Hubitat C-7 (after reading so much about this, I’m still not 100% sure if the Hubitat exclusion/re-inclusion is really needed or not).

In any event, while I know it is generally best to have the latest firmware version. Is there anything really compelling between 1.48 and whatever the current version is to justify updating the firmware on 20+ switches?