GU24 base bulbs that don't flicker with LZW36 fan swtich

I have one LZW36 fan switch that is connected to a ceiling fan that uses GU24 prong base bulbs. I’ve tried a couple regular LED bulbs in adapters but they flicker at anything less than 100%. They don’t flicker with other dimmers. I also bought some GE GU24 LED bulbs and they also flicker. This is the only fixture that uses those bases so I don’t want to keep buying bulbs. I may have to switch to incandescent bulbs in the adapters but I’ll lose a lot of brightness since the fixture is enclosed and designed for fluorescent bulbs which run cooler.

Any suggestions for bulbs?

Did you find a solution to this?
My LED E11 dimmable lights flicker and pretty much every brightness.

Inovelli sent me a new fan module because this is a known issue. but I still have the flicker. Waiting for a follow up from them.

thanks - found the thread and have requested a replacement module :slight_smile: