HA is receiving data, but not able to send it back out - ever encountered this?

Suddenly, my Zwave devices aren’t able to receive commands, and looking at the OZW logs, when I send an on/off, I’m getting “dropping message because node is presumed dead”. This happens to all nodes, not just Innovelli.

Yet HA still delivers power data and light status on the switches!

I could re-include all these :open_mouth: , but since I’m not sure how this happened to begin with, I thought I’d ask here before I redo all these and it happens again

I’m not familiar with HA (it’s on the list…) but some generic stuff that may help

First, try rebooting your hub. I mean complete power down, unplug the power for 10+ seconds. If the z-wave chip has gotten in a bad state, completely power cycling it may help.

Next would be a full network optimize.

You could also backup your Z-Wave network, erase your Z-Wave chip, and restore the network. A backup-restore cycle resets all routing info.

Thanks Chris. I gave it a delightful power-cycling, but unfortunately that didn’t do the trick. I tried a couple network optimize, and sometimes that caused a device to come back, and others to drop into generic device state. still acted as repeaters, but not as a light switch/plug etc.

On the backing up of my Z-wave network, erasing the chip, etc, is that something that can be done outside of HA? I’m not not familiar with that part, mind describing or linking more?


I’m speaking in concept here. Most HA products have a way to do this.

The Z-Wave controller chip has some flash memory in it. In that flash it maintains a database of the Home ID, every node in the network, and also routing info (IE ‘to send commands to Node 15, relay them through Node 12 then Note 20’).

If you erase the Z-Wave chip, all that stuff goes away. You have to re-pair every Z-Wave device.
If you back up the Z-Wave network, it’s preserving all that data so if your hub breaks you can just restore the network and keep working. However, backups only backup the Home ID and the nodes- NOT the routing.
Thus, backup - erase - restore is what you do if you want to blow away all the ‘learned’ routing information in your network.