Has anyone measured the minimum lumens output for the RGBW Bulbs?

Has anyone measured the minimum lumens for the RGBW Bulbs?

Probably 0 if I had to guess.


:laughing: :laughing:

Has anyone tested the output at a level 1?

Subjectively, yes — I put one in a four-bulb fixture next to three other brands, tried various colors and color temperatures at different levels, and took notes of what I thought.

Measured with an illuminance meter? No. :slight_smile:

My takeaway is that different color and color temperatures behave differently, but Inovelli was probably the most consistent among the ones I compared with — Sengled, Hue, and Innr — in terms of not unexpectedly changing color temperatures when dimming or having notably brighter “dim” levels for some colors than others (though it did still happen for some, and certain colors weren’t as bright as other brands or colors at 100%).

For example, at a warm 2700K at a dim 1%, the Inovelli got about as dim as Hue, which I think does well with most CTs:

(Left to right: Sengled, Hue, Innr, Inovelli)

At a medium 4000K at 1%, the Inovelli also got about as dim as Hue but took on a slightly warmer CT (this does not come through well in the picture, partly because the Sengled on the left got even cooler than 4000K as it dimmed and also didn’t dim nearly as much as most others):

(Left to right: Sengled, Hue, Innr, Inovelli)

So, I think the answer is going to depend on what color or color temperature you are comparing. Some smart bulbs only market things based on a specific color temperature–like I think Hue’s 800 lm is really only valid at 4000K (not the default setting, but probably the brightest :smiley: ).

If you need objective measurements, I’m guessing a real meter would do better than my eyeballs, though that’s the only factor I really cared about when comparing for myself…ha.



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