Have an fan & light switch issue

I have a ceiling fan with a Blue (light) White , Black and green.

I am trying to install the inovelli module in the canopy and on the module it has a red wire were does this wire go when you only have 4 wires (green, white, black and blue) that coming from the fan ?

Can you provide the Fan manufacturer and model?

Manual: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/api/kbArticles/407409000002102001/attachments/kw8eq50c812f5d3344bc08295860b8b394c7c/content?portalId=edbsn8bb12d5f5a97d693e61ce4ce8a23f8b0e323eac44a6c2794f893e912acf005df&inline=true

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Thank you
I purchased the home with the ceiling fans and the only thing it has is the word Kichler. I then went to the Kichler.com and was unable to find the type of fan that I have. But I did look at other fans they have and there wiring diagrams show only white, black, blue and green

Question from your PIC regarding the wiring config. Would it be safe to say that the module black wire would be attached to the Ceiling black wire and Module red wire would be attached the ceiling fan black wire. and accordingly the white with white and blue with blue

The BLK wire that’s in the ceiling fan box (Romex) would connect to the module BLK wire. The WHT wire from the ceiling fan box (Romex) would connect to module AND fan WHT wire. The bare ground in the ceiling fan box (Romex) would connect to green wire on fan.

The module BLU wire would connect to fan BLU wire. The module RED wire would connect to fan BLK wire.

Note the WHT wire will have three wires connected together vs. the others with only two.

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That would make sense. I will give it a try when I get home tonight and let you know.

Also, this fan does not have a light would this pose any problems especially when you go to sync the switch to the module?

No, it just won’t be usable (light button) for turning on the light. However you can still use it for scenes.

Thank you,

So per the instruction you have 2 mins to pair the switch and module once you flip the breaker back on. Is this the case or can you pair any time the power is on?

You can pair at anytime (I think?) but I honestly don’t remember. Might have to cycle circuit breaker. Mine worked together out of the box.

Unless I’m not remembering correctly, the module and switch should be paired out of the box. The pairing instructions are only if for some weird reason that the two become unpaired.

Someboty correct me if I’m wrong.

Finally completed the fan project thanks to everyone Bry you are correct it comes paired out of the box.


Thank you harjms for your help on this it did the trick


Awesome that you got it working! Please mark solution so others can know it was resolved and future people will be able to find a similar solution!