Having slightly flickering trouble with my new Fan+Light Switch


I’m having troubles with my light + fan switch, it flickers every now and then, maybe every 5 minutes or so. I thought the problem was the bulb, but I have tried with 3 different bulbs and the problem persist.

Can you help me with this?

What type of bulb is it? Does this happen at all dim levels or just some?

It’s a dimmable bulb, and I have just test it a it’s max dim level.

LED or incandescent? Are all the bulbs you try the same brand? Looking around in the forums, it seems some dimmable LEDs do have problems - but there have also been suggestions for ones that seem to work.

I am mostly using smart bulbs with my fan/light switch, so don’t have experience there.

Different brand bulbs. How you use a smart bulb with the fan light switch!? I don’t see the option to disable the relay.

There is a local protection setting you can set to light only

However, the way I have been doing it is to bypass the module for the fan light. I then use z-wave association (I am using color Illumin bulbs) for on/off and dim levels. I leave the protection off. I also have something setup to keep the light switch and bulb levels in sync. That way the light LED bar on the switch shows the correct dim level.

I have tested my bulb with a honeywell Z-Wave switch, lutron caseta dimmer and the inovelli black series dimmer switch and with all of those switches the bulb works OK. I think my fan switch is defective. 70 dollars defective switch.

I see the same thing on my fan lights and am hoping this is related to what they said they were able to replicate and are working on addressing at:

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Any updates on this issue?
I’m experiencing the issue as well with standard incandescent bulbs.

You’ll need to get a new canopy module. The first version had a memory issue that was repaired, but it requires a hardware swap. PM @Courtney_Inovelli with your order information and I’m sure she’ll get one in the mail!