LZW36 Light Flashing

Same issue. I have three LZW36 switches and it is happening in at least two rooms, with two different 3 inch down-lights, unsure if it is happening in the third room as I rarely spend time there.
But the same lights (Luxrite LR23965) do not have any issue with the LZW31 dimmer by Inovelli. :man_shrugging:

If anyone knows of any 3 inch recessed lights that work well with this dimmer let me know!

Hey all – sorry for the lack of response in this thread. So, typically what causes the flashing is an incompatible bulb(s). Unfortunately, the manufacturer switched the logic between the dimmers (LZW31, LZW31-SN) and the fan dimmer portion. For the switches, the driver is MOSFET, whereas with the fan/light, it’s TRIAC. I have no clue why this was done and found out about it afterwards, so that would explain the situation where certain bulbs work on our dimmers, but not the fan/light and vice versa.

Is there any way I can grab the bulb make/model’s from you so I can put them in our incompatible list (as it’s very bare at the moment)?

For people that have the flickering issue, is there a way to swap out the bulbs? If not, there has been some success with installing the Aeotec bypass. Sucks, I know as it’s an extra $15, but as you can imagine, it’s hard for us to test every single bulb :frowning:

Do you think this would be the same reason for the opposite issue (lights flicker off when set at constant 100%, as seen in this thread: LZW36 - Slight Flicker )?

I have incandescent bulbs in there.

I figured those would be the most compatible build you could pick, but I’m all ears to suggestions.

I have tried the following 3 bulbs and all flicker, if we can get a list of compatible bulbs of various sizes that would help. Thanks!




Seeing this issue with Ecosmart 1001370398 (5000K, 9.5W, 60W replacement) bulbs from the Home Depot.

I also tried the Longstar L9-A19DF-9W LED bulbs that came with my Hunter ceiling fan. These flash to off instead of bright.

Also, whenever my Brother Laser/LED printer warms up in the same room, the bulbs temporarily dim. This did not happen on the normal switch.

Is Inovelli pushing the manufacturer to instead use a MOSFET?

Hello again guys – a point of clarification as we’re addressing this issue tonight with the manufacturer.

When you say that your lights are flashing, is it at random times of the day or is it a constant flash? I’m basing my discussion with the manufacturer off of OP’s comment:

This seems to be the same issue as this thread: LZW36 - Slight Flicker

Is that correct?

If so, I’ve noticed this too and hopefully someone can catch a video so we can send it onto the manufacturer. But we do plan on addressing this tonight and I’ll tag @JasonL_Inovelli who is the PM on the manufacturer’s side so he can start to ask further questions that his team has.

Hey all – are you on the stock firmware version or have any of you updated the firmware at all?

Sorry I just saw these!

I updated my firmware to 1.36 but still see the issue.

I think it might only happen when the fan is on, but other than that it’s pretty random. It might be the same root cause as the other thread, but my behavior is that it goes to 100 rather than 0.

Let me know if you need anything else clarified!

Ok, perfect! Thanks for the update. If you’re able to get a video that would be helpful, but I understand it’s random and you don’t want to be sitting there with a camera for 24hrs lol!

Someone in the other thread was able to capture a video, so that’s helpful and hopefully the root causes are the same.

Totally understand! I was in support for a few years and I know how vital any detail can be!

Now this is the best I got for now, I was trying to replicate exactly what I described initially (at random times), but the only times I could get it to happen was when I turned on the lights once with the fan on, and turn the lights off with the fan on.

Although I can’t say there is or isn’t the same root cause behind these flickers, this is the exact behavior I’d see randomly while laying in my bed before calling it a night.

Again let me know any way I can help you hunt these issues down. I was about to buy a aeotec bypass, but I don’t think I need them because I have incandescent lamps.


Awesome man, thank you!

Another question - if you lower the dim level 90 (or anywhere but 100), does it continue to do it? Seems like the common denominator is that everyone has their lights on 100.

Thanks again for your help in diagnosing this!

Ok good news everyone - the manufacturer has been able to replicate this and the engineers are looking into this. More to come!


I’m 95% sure it happens no matter what dim level its set to.

I rarely have the light set to 100% and I remember getting spooked one time by the flash when my dim level was set very low.

In fact now that I say it out loud, there is no way it could happen when the brightness is at 100%, otherwise I’d never see it since it flashes to 100% right …?

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Are there any updates on this?

I second this because I’m sitting here right now with the same issue, just wondering what the solution will be.

Any updates? This has become really annoying at nights.

See post from other thread discussing same issue: