LZW36 Light Flashing

Totally understand! I was in support for a few years and I know how vital any detail can be!

Now this is the best I got for now, I was trying to replicate exactly what I described initially (at random times), but the only times I could get it to happen was when I turned on the lights once with the fan on, and turn the lights off with the fan on.

Although I can’t say there is or isn’t the same root cause behind these flickers, this is the exact behavior I’d see randomly while laying in my bed before calling it a night.

Again let me know any way I can help you hunt these issues down. I was about to buy a aeotec bypass, but I don’t think I need them because I have incandescent lamps.


Awesome man, thank you!

Another question - if you lower the dim level 90 (or anywhere but 100), does it continue to do it? Seems like the common denominator is that everyone has their lights on 100.

Thanks again for your help in diagnosing this!

Ok good news everyone - the manufacturer has been able to replicate this and the engineers are looking into this. More to come!


I’m 95% sure it happens no matter what dim level its set to.

I rarely have the light set to 100% and I remember getting spooked one time by the flash when my dim level was set very low.

In fact now that I say it out loud, there is no way it could happen when the brightness is at 100%, otherwise I’d never see it since it flashes to 100% right …?

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Are there any updates on this?

I second this because I’m sitting here right now with the same issue, just wondering what the solution will be.

Any updates? This has become really annoying at nights.

See post from other thread discussing same issue: