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LZW36 Light Flashing

Has anyone else had their light just randomly to go 100% for a split second and then back to the proper dim setting? It really as fast as a strobe would be (but I only notice it once every few days). I have simple 40w incandescent bulbs - so im not sure how it could be a comparability issue.

I really was thinking that it was my eyes but my SO confirmed that i’m not losing it.

Yes! It was very obvious with LED bulbs. I switched back to incandescent, and I think it might still happen, but hardly noticeable anymore.

Yes, with ancient first-gen Cree dimmable LED bulbs at low dim settings. There was definitely a quick blip on the bulbs, that seemed to happen most frequently when the fan was spinning down from high speed in breeze mode. I wrote it off as the ancient bulbs, and the new Phillips dimmable LED’s that replaced the ancient Cree ones yesterday have not shown those same blips…

Interesting, the only bulbs I had that wouldn’t blink when dimming were 5 year old Cree bulbs, those rubbery feeling ones. But they won’t fit with the glass on the fan.

The blinking described here sounds more like what it does when you’re trying to pair the switch to the canopy module.

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That sounds like the ones that I was using! Big, heavy plastic base with a ring of plastic ribs/fins around the top, translucent rubber-coated lens over the LEDs, and about 4.5" tall so they wouldn’t fit into my fan globe made for 4.2" bulbs. Those things were something like $12 each when I bought them back in the day, and they were not rated for use in an enclosed fixture…

Yep, except I paid 79 cents each for them at Home Depot. I bought a lot of them and replaced every bulb in my house and my parent’s house. The local power company subsidized them. Of the bulbs I tried in the fan to find ones that wouldn’t flicker when turning on and off, these were the only ones. Plus my fan has GU24 sockets and I was using adapters which made the bulbs even longer. I ended up getting a pair of GU24 LED bulbs and changed the dimming rate to 0 so they would just turn on and off instead of dimming.

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I am having the same problem with some ECOSmart LED bulbs. Have 2 bulbs in the fixture, one incandescent, the other the ECOSmart LED. The LED flashes, the incandescent does not. Same LED bulbs in a simple, non-networked dimmer do not flash. It seems like a compatibility issue between the bulb and the dimmer. Still looking for a solution.

Happening to me too, looking for an answer from Inovelli.