LZW36 - Slight Flicker

I have 3 LZW36’s set up and I have noticed now on all 3 that the lights have flickered off and back on very quickly but just enough to notice randomly a few times since setting it up a week ago. Is this something that will be fixed with firmware? Is there an RF signal being made or is this a different problem?

Oh good, it’s not just me.
I get it when the light is about 60%, it will flicker.

I just haven’t bothered to do anything about it yet as it’s installed in a guest room that doesn’t get used much.

I’ve had the same issue (with my lights at 100%). The timing isn’t super consistent for me, but one afternoon I timed it and it was almost once an hour ±5min. Although sometimes it happens every half an hour or so. I didn’t see any logs in hubitat around that time from it (I was hoping maybe it was reporting and causing it to flicker)

Running the beta firmware on the switch (1.34). It happened with the original stock firmware, as well

I tried three different sets of bulbs and they all did it. After going through some replacements on my first set, I bought two different sets in case it was a compatibility issue (seemed unlikely, but figured it would be easier to test that way).

These are the three:
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FCM2CBB (ended up leaving these in)

I’m currently using halogen lights and have not upgraded to LEDs and my fans have an E11 base. Is this an issue with the canopy? This seems to happen to me about 5 times a day.

My lights are at 100% brightness.

I have the same issue! I also had an issue where the buttons stopped responding. I disabled the power monitor like was suggested elsewhere and that seems to be fixed, but the lights still blink randomly.

I actually came here to ask about this very issue, glad to see it isn’t just me because I installed 3 switches in one day, but also on 3 new fans that I installed at the same time I installed the switches. All 3 blink randomly, it is just a quick flash and then it won’t do it again for a while. I know I need to upgrade the firmware, but I just wan’t sure if I had issues with my new fans, new bulbs. or new switches.

I’ll pile on top. Bought 4 of these LZW36 switches. First one Installed is experiencing the same quick flash blinking issues as everyone else who posted.

What’s the fix?

I noticed the same thing, I have tried multiple a19 LED bulbs. Even dimming them down, I still get the quick blink if the lights have been on for over 30 minutes. Sometimes it happens every 5 minutes.

I’m also seeing this with my lights and LZW36. Bulb will be on for about 10-15 mins and then flicker off and back on quickly.

I’m having the same issue here. Using incandescent bulbs so shouldn’t have anything to do with LED wattage or such. It quickly blinks once about every 5 minutes although I can’t say it’s consistent. I’m thinking it has to be in the canopy module. Tagging @ericm_inovelli in case they haven’t seen this post. I know they’ve been busy working through the Hubitat C-7 issues too.

I am also having this issue.

I did a test for the flicker today. After turning on the fan lights I pulled the air gap on the switch, effectively removing power from the switch but leaving the fan lights on. Even with the switch off the flicker remained so it would seem this is caused by the canopy module (at least to a hack like me anyway!).


Come on Inovelli team. What’s the update ? It’s been over 2 weeks since I opened a ticket with no meaningful progress. I’ve got over $300 invested in 4 of these switches (on top of the $500+ I have in other Inovelli products) and if I can’t get the first one to function more consistently then a $2 Home Depot switch I’m going to have to start the return process.

I have the same issue. Also went to support without resolution. I’ve tried two sets of lights so far both flicker. Given the thread here and comments about incandescent lights it seems to be a defect in the units themselves? Inovelli, please reply to this thread and help us with a fix, this seems really unacceptable. Should we all just rate the products poorly so other people don’t run into the same problem? Not sure what to do at this point as support & threads aren’t helping.

I have now also experienced the LZW36 flicker with my incandescent bulbs. All the other bulbs are smart bulbs and are not visibly showing the symptom.

Since installing this LED bulb I have no flickers for 3 days now which is interesting. It seems that non-LED bulbs are the cause at least for my type of fan:


Hey all – apologies for the lack of response. I keep telling myself to check this thread every time it pops up, but it somehow keeps slipping my mind.

Anyway, I’m following it now and we’ll get the manufacturer in here too.

Let’s figure out what’s happening. So we’re all on the same page, I have a few questions:

  • Is this flicker happening at a certain level?
  • Are there any patterns you’re seeing (ie: fan set at a certain level, certain time of day, etc)

I’ve seen it on a friends fan/light switch where there’s a random flicker (like it doesn’t happen every day and there’s no set time) – it only does it once and then that’s it. Is this what you’re referencing?

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Mine is fairly random, but on all 3 fans.do it. The one in my office is the one I am in the room with the most, it does it at full brightness and dimmed around 40 percent i noticed it do it this morning. No set interval that I have nailed down yet. All LED A19 bulbs. Do not remember the brand off hand but I can check on it later.

Happens on all 4 of my fans which is completely random. Most of the time the dimmer is at 100%, but sometimes do have it lower and does not make a difference. Sometimes the fan is on and sometimes its off. I work from home in my office and have the light on all day and usually notice it happen about 4-5 times per day.

I have three fans installed. All three fans exhibit the random blink behavior. Two using incandescent bulbs and one with LED bulbs (I don’t recall the brand, they came with the fan I just bought, a Hunter. I do remember they are 7W each). It’s more noticeable on the LED bulbs (a slightly longer blink) which I think it due to the nature of the bulb vs. the incandescent. All are usually at 100% but I can test at lower levels. Haven’t noticed a difference with fan running or not. The timing doesn’t seem to have any pattern.